J. CH. Sel. Amish Addy Noir
vom ersten Wasser &

J. CH. Nuts des travailleurs barbus


In the summer of 2010 I decided to fulfil my long-cherished dream of a Briard and I came across the kennel of the „Briards vom ersten Wasser“.
When I visited the puppies at the age of 3 ½ weeks for the first time my idea was simply to have a black male. However during this first visit things were different than planned. Not I did but I was choosen by one of the puppies.
This male, born as third of the 11 puppies with a birth weight of 470g, with the royal blue ribbon and the white breast-stain should become my Briard.
Reluctantly I accepted the breeder’s requirement to exhibit this dog. This did not comply with my ideas..

After further visits I could finally pick up Addy at the age of almost 9 weeks. He was well socialized, absolutely uncomplicated and quickly found his way.
He lives here on a farm near the Lake Constance in companionship with cats, Norfold terrier Karlchen and the horses – he guards all well and remains always easy to handle.

Addy is an amiable family dog, preferably with us anytime and anywhere but he can also stay alone. He enjoys long walks with the one and wild games with the other and also proved to be very careful and thoughtful with kids.
Every now and then he accompanies me to the office where he greets the colleagues reserved but friendly. However he mostly enjoys to accompany me on horse or carriage riding. It does not make any difference wheter on grassland or fiels, or in the middle of the forest, Addy always stays with me without leash. Only near rivers, streams and lakes nothing can hold the water rat.

My dream has come true: I have my black male and in addition an icing on the cake: in the meantime we both have a lot of fun on expositions and Addy already turned out in his first year to be a gorgeous and successful Briard.

One Briard is like no Briard. Thus almost 4 years later a second male completed our family. With Nuts des travailleurs barbus, Elke Hilger entrusted us a dog which goes perfectly with our life and we are looking forward to many exciting years togehter.